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Aspire Yoga is committed to sharing Yogic wisdom that has been passed down by many generations of wise teachers that stretch across the globe. All level Yogi’s, all ages and all body types are welcome to come get lost in their own practice in a loving, nurturing and empowering enviroment. Come take shelter in your second home, get lost from the distractions of daily life and allow us to serve you in your direct experience of oneness.


Meet the Instructors


Ashley Rose

Yoga Instructor

Ashley Rose is a certified NYS Emergency Medical Technician. Her experi-ence working on an ambulance has helped with learning anatomy and sick-ness, teaching her that keeping the mind strong and ego in check will aid the physical body in being healthy. With over 500 Hours of Yoga Alliance Certi-fied teacher training experience and teaching for over four years; she brings a safe and fiery practice to all level Yogi’s. Ashley loves to challenge people on the mat while being mindful enough to slow it down and melt. Her classes focus on a strong core, breathing techniques, yummy flows, and deep stretch-es after accumulating a little sweat. If you are a new yogi, fear not! She gives plenty of modifications using bolsters, blocks, straps, and blankets. Ashley teaches all level classes and has experience teaching Restorative and 50 & Up Yoga. One of her favorite sayings, “Yoga should be accessible to everyone!” Ashley received her 200 Hour Hot Warrior Yoga certification with Jennilee Toner author of “The Perfect Chaturanga” in 2015. She also attended Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training (Level 2 + 3) with Jimmy Barkan, and spent a month in India with world renowned Supersoul Farm, Raghunath Cappo and Maharaja Radanath Swami at the Govardharn Eco Village where she studied Bhakti Yoga.




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